SOFTBANK, BAIDU invests million in Ex-Googlers blockchain-startup.

Former Google employees, Atlas protocol just raised millions to reinvent online advertising and marketing through distributed ledger technology.


SoftBank China Venture Capital (SBCVC ) along with BV (Baidu Ventures), Danhua Capital (DHVC), and Fenbushi Digital have put in multi-million-dollar funding in a seed round in a blockchain-startup founded by ex-Google employees,Atlas Protocol (ATP),working towards changing very paradigm  of the online marketing industry through DLT.

Nebulas Labs and xGoogler Blockchain Alliance (xGBA) has priory  incubated this project having a robust technical infrastructure to developing a blockchain-based interactive advertising ecosystem, as advocated in the  official press release.

“The core algorithm of Atlas Protocol is based on the expanded Nebulas Rank. It will create a trustworthy new marketing channel and define a new tokenized marketing frontier.” Duran Liu, co-founder of Atlas Protocol (ATP) explained

ATP Smartdrop a service by Atlas Protocol, a  token rewards  delivered ecosystem with more than one hundred thousand users has already been launched in the Nebulas Incentive Program.The platform thus aims to promote the value exchange between all the participants — marketers, publishers, and users – of the online ecosystem.

The startup positions itself  as  an transparent marketing platform and beat the giants like Google, Facebook, promises of allowing users to decide sharing of data and other information.

Being implemented on the blockchain, Atlas Protocol will be fully transparent for users, in contrast to the ‘data blackhole’ setup that characterizes the current industry landscape dominated by digital giants. A Medium post from the startup stated .

Image courtesy Atlas /Medium  

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