Why Blockchain Adoption Is So Slow !

Gartner’s 2018 CIO Survey estimates blockchain market is expected to reach $3 trillion by 2024.

Then why don’t companies rush to embrace blockchain?

Topsy turvy over the head!

“What the farmer doesn’t recognize, he won’t eat.” hence won’t implement.

C-level executives and techies often approach it different wavelength creating the divide, slowing down the process of adoption.


Where are the success stories!

Apart from Bitcoin P2P Transfer, successful use cases are hard to find / while others are still loading …..

Smart contracts, encrypted records, secure transactions, quick payments, unhackable data storage; YOU NAME it; the endless possibility.

But the lightning has to strike, many times over and over on the same spot, to make unflinching believers.

Need more real-life proof to base their decisions upon.


Scale for mass implementation

Sense and sensibility will come into this space through scale and scalability! BUT THAT’S THE ISSUE.

Can it withstand multiple users or should the number of users increase will it slower operations and higher transaction fees.

Blockchain scalability mass implementation come to the fore with concerns, clouding business decision.


So as for now, the game is called wait and watch. But be prepared.

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