China : Absolutely yes for Blockchain, no for crypto

A report by Coin Survey, 04 September 2018.

China has open hostility to cryptocurrencies and ICOs, but when matter per say is Blockchain technology, it’s looking towards global domination.

Research by Thomson Reuters illustrated of all 406 blockchain patents in 2017, 56 percent where Chinese.
While the USA contributed 22 percent number of blockchain patents filed.

Alibaba Group Holding interestingly filed 10 percent of all global patents in 2017.

Tencent and Baidu, other  Chinese tech giants had a fair share of patents filed.

With Chinese President Xi Jinping describing blockchain technology, “substantially reshaping the global economic structure.”
Blockchain technology marriage to Chinese tech firms will only grow stronger.

Alongside the ongoing intellectual property rights race will witness greater acceleration.

Yes, yes Blockchain.

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