Brazilian football team looking to raise $20 million via ICO.

A podcast report by Coin Survey, 13 September 2018.

Brazilian Series B football club Avaí Futebol Clube has become the first football club to launch its own cryptocurrency.

Partnering with SportyCo, a blockchain technology specialists and football investment specialist Blackbridge Sport, Avaí FC Token will be  live on October 3 for sale as reported by Inside World Football.

“Our goal is to raise $20.46 million US dollars, with a minimum cap of 8 million dollars. A maximum of 20.46 million tokens (93%) valued at $1 will be available for purchase in the Crowdsale. A maximum of 1,540,000 AVAI Tokens (7%) will be retained by Avai FC,” said the club.

Token holders will be able to purchase merchandise, tickets and unique experiences with the token added SportyCo co-founder Marko Filej.

Token will be listed on several cryptocurrency exchanges for those who buy the token for trading.

Francisco José Battistotti, President of Avaí Futebol Clube, said: “With our ICO, we are actively targeting a global football fan base, while engaging all Avaí FC in Florianópolis and Brazil, working together towards our goal – to become a stable member of Brazil’s Série A and qualify for the Copa Libertadores”.

However if in case AVAI token drops in trading value the club will always provide a valuable experience or service to their fans token holders.

True Sportsmanship, promotional push, financial stability and contribute to the goal of qualification for the Copa Libertadores.

BUY Avaí FC Token. Onde estão os fãs.


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