Blockchain is getting Sporty.

A podcast report by Coin Survey, 28 September 2018.

The buzzword is FinTech when it comes to Blockchain. But the elements of decentralized consensus and distributed ownership to create trust and value spread across larger fan base may be best personified by athletes to “tokenize” their talent and create the sports cryptocurrency markets.

Blockchain offers an unprecedented level of transparency for transactions plucking out middleman thus creating a decentralized system that makes crowdfunding easier.

A game plan for athletes to “tokenize” their talent, that is, to promise a share of future revenues to fans who support them now, may be easily proffered by blockchain.

“Every single athlete becomes investable, a new sort of asset class, and with the global sports industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, heralded a new beginning.”

While fuelling the promise of distributed ownership the decentralized crowdfunding model allows the general public to tap into a market currently dominated by financial heavyweights.

Tokenization will fuel interest in sports which is practically a religion in some places.

Easy to follow, easy to understand, conversation starter, uniting and traditionally infused deep into our society and with the new business model proffered by blockchain decentralized crowdfunding ecosystems, the sports cryptocurrency market is bound to attract a larger audience and fandom.

Monetize sports fandom through blockchain is still in an experimental stage and startups like Globatalent and SportyCo, are working with athletes and sports clubs.

However, the promise and disruption by blockchain decentralized crowdfunding model in the sports industry have heralded the arrival of a new rookie to watch out for.


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